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Available on the NEW Bucky's App!
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Join and choose your membership plan
Wash your vehicle as often as you want
No long-term contract
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Choose your preferred level wash and go unlimited using Bucky's App!

It's this easy!
On App Home page click Create Account
Fill out all required fields. You will need to set up a password
Go to Wash page to choose your preferred level of Platinum, Silver or Red washes
Buy a monthly unlimited wash subscription, single wash or one-month gift of unlimited washes
Make purchase on App using your credit card or PayPal account
Monthly plan will auto renew on same card or PayPal, or set up another payment method on App

Get Unlimited Monthly Car Washes on the Bucky's App

Ready for a wash?
1) Pull into a participating Bucky's Unlimited Wash location, then open your Bucky's App
2) Go to Wash section and click Get Wash Code button
3) The App will give you a unique, one-time use car wash code that is active for 30 minutes
4) At car wash terminal enter your car wash code then follow directions to enter the wash

Convenient monthly billing
Your Unlimited Wash Membership automatically renews each month. You can change your Unlimited Wash plan or cancel at any time on the Bucky's App with no fees for cancelling or changing programs. There is no contract or long-term commitment, just big savings each month and one great car wash after another!

Single wash
Not ready for a monthly subscription? You can still buy single washes on the Bucky's App for any level, Platinum, Gold, Silver or Red, at our regular prices. Get the convenience of purchasing ahead where ever you're at and when ever you want. Once at Bucky's, open the App to get your wash code then proceed to the car wash.

Gift memberships
With the Bucky's App you can buy a single month subscription of unlimited washes as a gift for any family member or friend who also has the Bucky's App. Buy any level of unlimited washes for one month. Once purchased, all you need to transfer the washes, send the gift, is enter the receiver's phone number or e-mail address used for their app.

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Navigating and Using the Bucky's App

Frequently Asked Questions

On the Bucky's App Wash page, scroll to the bottom to click on 'Instructions On Our Unlimited Wash Plans' for additional directions on buying and using washes on the App